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Off-Grid Rural Retreat Consulting


not sure where you should start?

You may have a lot of questions—

Who can you trust to help with your retreat property sale or search?

What selection criteria are best for sustainable property?

Can you confidentially purchase or sell a retreat property?

Do I need a real estate agent?

Who will protect your interests and ignore theirs?

Basic Life Training can help. We have 40+ years experience in rural property transactions, and we own a rural off-grid homestead. An e-mail to BLT is all that’s needed to start your journey.


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why Basic Life Training?

With global economic instability rising, and personal security issues taking center stage in the US, consumer demand is increasing for remote properties that offer security and the ability to be self-contained. This could include providing your own electric power, drinking water, food, and personal protection.  In other words, it’s the ability to live independently – in a self-sufficient manner – with renewable resources far from urban chaos.  Are you looking to acquire or to sell a remote retreat property?