Why the Appalachian Redoubt?

Basic Life Training provides services to clients in Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau region of the Appalachian Redoubt.  Forming the backbone of the eastern United States, the Appalachian Mountains are 1500-mile-long mountain range which provides a corridor of rugged wilderness areas stretching from central Alabama and northern Georgia to Maine and Canada. The Appalachians as a whole are made up of many smaller mountain ranges linked together, including the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smokey Mountains, Allegheny Mountains, and others. The mountain corridor averages 100 to 300 miles wide, with individual peaks averaging 3000 feet in elevation. The highest peak in the range is North Carolina’s 6,684 ft. Mount Mitchell.  


The Appalachian Mountains are within reach of many of the biggest population centers of the nation yet contain extensive tracts of protected wild lands in a variety of national forests and parks throughout their length, including some of the largest virgin forests remaining in the East. The Appalachians create their own weather and are much wetter than much of the surrounding low country around them (as well as the more arid western mountains). This rainfall allows for a lush and diverse ecosystem and the resultant dense forests make it easy to disappear in virtually any valley or on any ridge. A wide variety of edible plants flourish in these mountains, as do healthy populations of deer, turkey, beaver, squirrel, rabbits and other game.

The Appalachian Mountain corridor offers many areas of wild country that can be considered true wilderness and in many cases can only be accessed by rugged foot trails. Boats are of limited use, except on a few of the rivers and larger man-made lakes.For years, survivalists have speculated on what it would take to live in the Appalachian wilderness in the event of a socio-economic crisis in the US.  The geographic area is resource-rich, defensible, and productive.  However, most speculators have never lived in the Appalachians.

BLT specializes in retreat properties within Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian Redoubt.  As life-long residents, real estate professionals and property owners in Tennessee, BLT’s principals can provide you with the peace of mind that you have made the correct decisions and provided a safe refuge for your family and relatives should the worst come to pass.

In his book Strategic Relocation, author  Joel Skousen  gives Tennessee an overall rating of three and one-half stars (the highest rank given to any state in the East) out of a possible five stars with the Cumberland Plateau as his number one choice for a retreat area in Tennessee. For comparison, Skousen ranks Tennessee as the sixth best state in the nation for a retreat location, ranking the state higher than many western states. Click the button below to read what Joel Skousen, Western Redoubt relocation specialist, says about the Cumberland Plateau.