who we are

Basic Life Training is a boutique consultancy focused on helping people prepare to buy or prepare to sell rural sustainable-living real estate in Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau area of the Appalachian Redoubt.  

With 40+ years of professional commercial real estate background, our experienced principal has “walked the walk” in buying, selling, building and daily living on remote retreats and rural off-grid properties.  With Cherokee and Scot-Irish roots, we are about as native as it gets in the Southern Appalachians. After combing the area’s remote two-tracks with locals for more than 25 years, we have personally confirmed that much of Appalachia continues to be populated by strong, shrewd, moral people who value community and country.  Our principal has “street credentials” to back up the real-world recommendations that Basic Life Training provides to its clients. 

We know how to avoid pitfalls often presented by commission-driven agents who only “talk the talk,” and have no legitimate expertise with off-grid self-sufficient living.  Our aim is to prepare client-buyers and client-sellers, separately, to make logical, informed buy/sell decisions about acquisition or sale of an off-grid survival retreat on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Redoubt.  BLT professionally prepares you to do it yourself or assists you in finding an experienced off-grid real estate professional to handle your sale.


Our Philosophy

You are considering a life-changing commercial transaction. It involves a lot of your hard-earned income, and it can impact you and your family for many years.  We treat clients like family. We treat our client's transaction as if it were our own.


How can BLT help you?

A client-centered, cooperative hands-on effort. 

We recognize that the essential components of a successful property transaction involve several pieces. We take the time to know our clients wants and needs through extensive interviews.  The interview process helps you identify what results you want and why, refine your needs and wants, and craft an informative property description with a realistic list of criteria to guide you to a positive outcome.

Basic Life Training staff have covered every state in the US and have lived (out of temporary necessity) in enough “purgatory” states to definitely know where we would never willingly settle.Sellers already know, but client-buyers must recognize, that a rural off-grid lifestyle can be a primitive and labor-intensive way of life.  We help buyers come to terms with what a rural lifestyle (especially under disastrous grid-down circumstances) would mean for their entire family and others who might share an existence on the retreat property.

No matter what you'll call your new property: Survival retreat, Self-sustaining property, Second home, the Family Farm  or Rural homestead, Basic Life Training will you ensure that when the ink dries on your settlement papers, you have the property you want.


Why Basic Life Training?

With global economic instability rising, and personal security issues taking center stage in the US, consumer demand is increasing for remote properties that offer security and the ability to be self-contained. This could include providing your own electric power, drinking water, food, and personal protection.  In other words, it’s the ability to live independently – in a self-sufficient manner – with renewable resources far from urban chaos.  Are you looking to acquire or to sell a remote retreat property?  

It seems our world is characterized more and more frequently by social and military unrest.  As a result, many people are considering the dire consequences of not being prepared for hard times.  What is the tipping point that may lead to a national or global meltdown?  We don’t know if it’s a financial collapse, a revolution leading to civil war, an electromagnetic pulse from the sun or a hostile nation, or an all-out nuclear World War Three.  One factor is fairly certain--the electric grid is the commercial lifeblood of many nations.  When the grid fails, modern industrial societies will collapse within weeks.

How do you begin to prepare for a monumental disaster of this magnitude?  How can you provide the essentials -- water, energy, food, and security – for your family if society disintegrates?  When the first sledge hammer strikes your neighborhood ATM, it’s too late.  The average American family has less than four days of food on hand. When the food is gone, rioting and looting will follow.  Tranquility can turn into absolute barbarism overnight.  One primary consideration in the process of gaining self-sufficiency and security for your family is advance selection of a rural retreat property. Whether you’re selling your well-designed retreat or seeking to relocate to a sustainable rural property, it can be a daunting, time-consuming and expensive task. 

We work with folks that have varied interests: no matter if you’re a rural self-sufficiency enthusiast, going-green homesteader, or just want a safe “Plan B” location for your family in case of an emergency.  Basic Life Training has the hands-on experience to guide you through the process to a successful outcome.


our services

Basic Life Training offers resources for people from all walks of life to make strategic decisions in the sale of an off-grid retreat property or acquisition of a safer and more sustainable location.