for sellers

Our hands-on experience in off-grid living and successful real estate marketing of rural properties is beneficial to sellers who want the most value for their carefully-prepared properties.  Liquidating your ideal off-grid retreat probably wasn’t a consideration when you originally bought your survival property. 

It can be challenging when you recognize that you own a unique property with features that appeal to a limited strata of potential buyers. BLT offers a complete rural property analysis and evaluation of an existing survival retreat. We provide recommendations to prepare you to stage your property, develop a mechanical inventory, assist with target marketing and preparation of advertising materials and placement that demonstrates the sustainable retreat’s unique off-grid attributes in a manner that informed buyers will recognize and appreciate. 

We also qualify buyers, based on your ideal criteria, so you don’t have to deal with any tire-kickers.  In a nutshell, BLT can prepare you to sell the property yourself, or help you find a highly qualified Realtor with substantial experience in off-grid and rural retreat properties to assist you in the sale.  


for buyers

Regardless of your reasons – going “green” or back to nature, seeking security from sanctuary cities, dream of homesteading, giving up the urban “rat race,” or building family self-sufficiency – securing and relocating to a rural retreat property is an extreme life changing experience. There are many critical factors beyond basic water, energy, food, and defense that sometimes may not receive the full consideration that they require.

We provide property selection and acquisition assistance to help you buy a retreat property yourself. The biggest mistake most buyers make is buying rural property without expert guidance.  There are literally dozens of basic requirements to consider when searching for an effective retreat location. From firsthand experience, we know personally what it takes to identify the right off-grid retreat property, to outfit it and to maintain it so you can live a safe and sustainable rural lifestyle.  BLT helps buyers avoid extremely costly mistakes. 

Our step-by-step process draws on our substantial personal experiences to help off-grid property buyers focus on the realities of off-grid rural living and concentrate on the property features they really need and can afford.  And if necessary, BLT can help you identify a qualified Realtor with bona fide experience in off-grid rural properties to assist you in your sale.




Are you a member of a group that wants to form a sustainable community and/or purchase a rural retreat property for sustainable living?  Basic Life Training can help.  BLT’s principals are available on request to fulfill your group training needs.

BLT has a one hour and a two hour class (not counting specific Q&A which can extend much longer) to introduce your group to the features and attributes most often needed by individuals seeking to purchase a remote retreat property.  BLT can customize curriculum to suite your group’s needs.  Our principals are well-versed with real-world knowledge of the subject matter. 

Cost per attendee is affordable.  BLT provides flexible options for timing and cost that allow you to train as many people as you choose.  Travel expenses are additional.