Is BLT a broker or real estate-type firm?

 No.  Basic Life Training (BLT) is not a licensed real estate brokerage firm in any state nor are we attorneys, financial advisors or Realtors. Our principals have 40+ years combined experience as licensed Realtors, but are not active as licensed Realtors. 

Does BLT charge a commission or referral fee?

 No. Basic Life Training (BLT) does not charge or earn a referral fee or commission on real estate sales in any way. 

 What do these selected real estate brokers charge for their services?

Basic Life Training (BLT) works with a few selected brokerages which are independently owned and operated. BLT is not involved in their quoting or setting of fees or commissions. Therefore, any discussion of fees is addressed directly with the referred brokerage, licensed agent or other professional.

How do I pay for my ad?
When you submit a property ad, you may set up monthly billing on your credit or debit card. All our payments are securely processed through Stripe

Can I pay for my ad monthly by check/money order/cash?
Yes, but we only accept checks and cash for prepayments of six months or more.



How much is my retreat worth?

We can only address the local market in the Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee’s Appalachian Redoubt.  Basic Life Training (BLT) can assist with market research, but it’s always wise to hire a local appraiser if you have no idea what your property is worth.  Otherwise you should consult a licensed, experienced real estate appraiser in your area. 

Can you list my home?

We provide consulting and advertising services only. All properties featured on BasicLifeTraining.com are for sale by owner listings. BasicLifeTraining.com is not a real estate brokerage, and we are not real estate agents.

Is my property appropriate for your site?

Please review our Client Retreat Criteria guidelines. If you have further questions, please email us.

Do you charge a commission, or will you take a commission on sale?

We only charge a standard monthly fee for ad placements on the BLT e-commerce site and a flat fee for assisting Client-Sellers and Client Buyer’s dependent on their needs.  We receive no commissions.



How can I get more information on a property?

Please contact us using our General Inquiry form.

Can you find me a remote property that is under X dollars, with Y and Z, etc.?

All BasicLifeTraining.com retreat property searches must start with a realistic budget, and focus on a specific area in the Cumberland Plateau area of the Tennessee’s Appalachian Redoubt.  We would be glad to assist you in finding properties in the area you select.  We are experienced in the rural real estate locations with substantial local knowledge.