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This is the first formal step in our process. Please take a few moments to fill out the form below. The BLT consulting staff will contact you and discuss your options and help you decide the best approach to buying/selling your rural property. Your loved ones are looking to you to lead the way to a safe and sustainable rural property before the next disaster, and you can count on BLT to help guide the way.  

(Note: BLT does not share any personal information with anyone. This information is used solely for qualifying potential clients and is not retained beyond the immediate transaction)


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Describe these structures. (i.e. size in square feet, bedrooms/ bathrooms, construction type, materials used for roofing, siding, etc. and how structures are oriented on the property – a few photos can be sent for representation)
Are the property mineral rights included in your ownership?
Please describe them and their filtering systems.
Do you have alternative energy (i.e.: solar, wind, hydro) and is there backup power (i.e. propane or diesel generators)?
These may include diagrams, schematics, maps and operations manuals for the various systems, components, etc.