Client Retreat Criteria


Properties to be advertised on Basic Life Training are client-seller and non-client seller properties which should meet the following criteria:

  • Five acres or more (see Exceptions below)
  • Not adjacent to a major highway.
  • Not adjacent to a major population center.
  • Independent water source, from a well, spring, rainwater collection, other water on the property or good potential for a well.
  • Independent septic system or good potential for septic system.
  • Independent heating available (in cold climates), such as wood heat or a gas furnace with propane tank on property.

Exceptions may include:


  • Adjoining public land

  • In off-grid or very isolated communities
  • Accessed by plane/boat/4WD

Homes featuring:

  • Safe rooms, built-in vaults, and secure storage
  • Bomb shelters or underground structures
  • Complete energy self-sufficiency
  • Living space for extended family or multiple families

Farms and ranches with:

  • Extensive gardens or greenhouses
  • Hydroponic, aquaculture, or permaculture facilities
  • Self-sustaining livestock operations

Please note that all properties must be approved by BLT staff before publication on BLT e-commerce marketing site. If you are unsure if your property meets these criteria, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to review it with you.

Financial Qualifications

The amount of capital you allocate to your purchase is not a major concern.  However, buyers are required to show verifiable proof of financial worthiness in order to retain BLT services.  Sellers are required to demonstrate proof, either with a Deed of Trust of other official deed/title document, that they do indeed own the property they want BLT to assist them in selling their property. 



BLT reserves the right to refuse a property listing to anyone for any reason.   BLT reserves the right to terminate a property listing at any time.

We expect all advertisers to demonstrate excellent character and honest business practices. However, BLT makes no guarantee of any client’s honesty, reliability, quality of service or business practices. BLT assumes no responsibility for advertiser, customer, or any other party involved.

BLT is not a real estate agency or brokerage, and its owners and operators are not licensed real estate agents or brokers.  BLT is paid a flat rate for consulting services, and BLT receives no commissions. Any information contained within this site does not constitute legal advice. Consult a licensed agent or broker in any real estate transaction. If you choose to act upon the information cited here without doing your own research, you do so at your own risk.

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We are not registered investment counselors, and don’t give any investment advice. Per SEC regulations, any listings that mention investments are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and are in no way endorsed or accredited by BLT, nor are they a “public offering” by BLT, nor is BLT or its principals party to any subsequent sale of debt instruments or securities. At no time are the property listings orarticles posted meant to imply a specific recommendation for financial advice or stock purchases, sales or other financial transactions.



Property Analysis

After the preferred locale on the Cumberland Plateau has been identified and agreed upon, BLT begins to research properties that meet the buyer’s basic criteria of water, food, energy and security of properties in the area.  For sellers, BLT will conduct an on-site analysis, if practical, and assessment of the existing retreat property prior to marketing.

Inspection Process

For client-buyers, BLT will identify and provide detailed information about a number of properties that meet the buyer’s criteria.  We utilize all appropriate resources to find retreat properties for sale in the chosen locale, including For Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties posted on internet sites, BLT’s own client-seller property database and elsewhere.  We will review the local and regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other web-based property listing sites which provide the bulk of the properties that are reviewed for the client.  We’ll also talk with locals about “pocket listings” that may be available in the selected area.

BLT will develop an initial list of properties and email it for the client’s review. At this point, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to narrow the choices and identify the top ranked properties they most want to inspect. BLT will work with the client to examine the property listing information for the top-ranked properties and prepare appropriate questions for the property owners or their real estate representative to answer in advance of the personal inspections.  



For client-sellers,

BLT can prepare you to sell the property yourself, or help you find highly qualified Realtor and or attorney with substantial experience in off-grid and rural retreat properties to assist you in the sale.

After initial contact and an interview session resulting in acceptance of the client, BLT will conduct an on-site analysis and assessment of the existing retreat property prior and prepare a report, with photographs, for the property owners.  BLT will also make recommendations on additional useful documents for the owner to develop, such as a mechanical inventory of all systems, such as solar, septic, water pumping, communications, etc.  A detailed property description will be developed by BLT to assist the owners in creating advertising pieces for placement by the owners in selected media which BLT will assist in identifying for the owners. This description will also be used by BLT staff in answering potential buyers’ questions. 


BLT will assist the owner with specific target marketing, database management of marketing efforts, and trending of area sales and comparable pricing of in-kind properties.

Using a list of questions prepared with the Client-Sellers, BLT staff will interview and qualify all interested parties who make contact with the Client-Sellers through the advertising medium used and as directed by the property owners.  BLY staff will also provide area demographics information and statistical information about the locale for the Client-Seller.  Once a buyer decides to make an acceptable offer, BLT will assist the client-seller in contacting his title company to prepare a letter of intent for sale.  BLT will also assist the owner and prospective buyer with identifying area vendors (i.e.: surveyors, title companies, attorneys, repair/service providers and utilities.