Advertise your rural retreat, self-sufficient or off-grid property with Basic life training.

We provide advertising services at just $35/month, reaching over interested readers in the preparedness market every month.

A property with no grid power, seasonal access, and an extremely remote location could be described as our reader’s ideal retreat.  Our readers are actively looking for retreat properties where they can survive anything life may bring them. Many are seeking a major lifestyle change, leaving the city and good jobs for the hope of a simpler, more independent life in rural areas.

Basic Life Training is not a real estate agency. We do not act as a party to the sale, and receive no commissions or finder’s fees. We advertise properties for the Sellers, either as Client-Sellers or simply Sellers listed as For Sale by Owner.  BLT can provide you with professional advice on marketing your property.

How to Get Started:

  • Review our Retreat Criteria.

  • Submit your Property.

  • Set up payment with credit or debit card.

  • Review the published ad.

Submitting Your Property

You are responsible to ensure that all your advertising provides accurate information, and is accordance with local and national real estate law and regulation, and agreements with your agent or broker should you use one. BLT provides consulting services only and receives no commissions.  Please review our Stipulations before submitting your ad.